How Can You Tell if Your Commercial Cleaning Service is Getting the Job Done?

Nov 15, 2023 | Commercial Cleaning Education, News

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is paramount for any commercial business. Not only does it create a positive impression on clients and customers, but it also contributes to the health and well-being of employees. The occasional deep cleaning, as well, is essential to ensure a thorough and comprehensive cleaning process that goes beyond regular day-to-day maintenance.

When investing in a cleaning service for your commercial establishment, or evaluating the effectiveness of your existing commercial cleaning company, it’s crucial to grow your knowledge about how to tell if the job has been done right. Below are some key indicators to help you assess the effectiveness of your commercial cleaning service, which range of evaluating the quality of the work itself, to the professionalism and reliability of your commercial cleaning service.

  1. Inspect Regularly – and Irregularly – Cleaned Areas

The first and most obvious way to determine if the cleaning was effective is to physically inspect cleaned areas, whether they are regularly cleaned areas, or those that are cleaned on a less-regular schedule. Check for visible signs of cleanliness, paying attention to dust-free surfaces, spot-free floors, and sanitized restrooms. For the areas only cleaned occasionally, make sure you’re aware of the last time they were addressed so you know whether it’s a fair interval to evaluate if those hard-to-reach corners, high shelves and small areas behind furniture have been adequately addressed.

  1. Consider Odor Elimination

Effective cleaning should not only remove visible dirt and grime; it should also eliminate unpleasant odors (at least within reason.) A fresh and clean-smelling environment indicates that the cleaning process was thorough and successful in addressing any underlying hygiene issues.

It is important to note that the vast majority of commercial and hospital grade cleaning products are odorless in effort to avoid triggering asthma or allergy problems for clients or patients. Not experiencing a heavily perfumed scent following a cleaning service does not mean that your facility was not properly cleaned, rather that the appropriate chemicals were utilized.

  1. Evaluate if Vendor’s Recommendations for Carpet and Upholstery Were Followed

If your commercial space has carpets or upholstery, give proper consideration to your janitorial vendor’s recommendations for their cleaning frequency. There is never a guarantee that any stain or discoloration can be fully removed, regardless of the age of the stain or substance that has caused the mess. That said, treating a stain quickly and properly will yield the best possible result. Your janitorial service may also advise that while extracting carpets to physically remove dirt will create a healthier environment, little will change visually. It is important to set realistic expectations for all parties involved maintaining trust between in the partnership.

  1. Measure Consistency with Standards

Ensure that your commercial cleaning service adheres to industry standards and follows a comprehensive checklist of cleaning tasks. Professional cleaning companies often have established protocols and standards that guarantee a thorough and systematic cleaning process. They should be open and willing to discuss these standards with you when asked.

  1. Audit Compliance with Health and Safety Regulations

Commercial businesses are subject to various health and safety regulations. Confirm that your cleaning and janitorial service aligns with these regulations, ensuring the proper use of cleaning agents and adherence to safety protocols.

  1. Gather Feedback from Employees and Customers

Feedback from your employees and customers can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your cleaning service. Encourage them to share their observations and opinions on cleanliness and overall improvement of the environment.

  1. Step Back and Take a Look at Long-Term Results

It’s also important to assess the long-term impact of your cleaning service over time. If the cleanliness is sustained over an extended period and requires less frequent maintenance, and most importantly if your relationship with the cleaning company is generally stress-free for months at a time, it’s a positive indication that cleaning will continue to be successful.

  1. Assess Professionalism and Communication

When you assess the level of professionalism and communication from your cleaning service provider, consider if you feel you have a professional team with an assigned point-of-contact that communicates effectively and is responsive to your concerns. If you feel this is the case, then you can have increased confidence that you are dealing with a company who is going to deliver a high-quality cleaning service.

  1. Last and Certainly Not Least: Reflect on Reliability

Businesses depend on a clean and sanitized environment for many reasons, so they need a dependable cleaning service to rely on. A reliable cleaning service ensures that scheduled cleanings are consistently carried out to the highest standards, reducing the risk of disruptions and maintaining a hygienic and presentable workspace.

Make Sure Your Commercial Cleaners Don’t Cut Corners

Professional cleaning is a crucial investment for any commercial business aiming to maintain a clean, healthy, and welcoming environment. By assessing the visible results, odor elimination, stain removal, compliance with standards, adherence to regulations, feedback from stakeholders, long-term impact, and professionalism of the service provider, you can confidently determine whether the cleaning was performed to your satisfaction.

A clean and well-maintained business space is not only a reflection of your company’s values but also contributes to the overall success and productivity of your organization. Make informed choices and prioritize the health and hygiene of your commercial establishment through both regular maintenance as well as thorough and effective cleaning.

And don’t forget, as we always say, Tedesco Building Services doesn’t cut corners – we clean them. Call us for a free quote and evaluation of the quality of your cleaning company.