“Why Doesn’t the Cleaning Company Respond?!”

Jan 16, 2023 | News, Tips

“My janitorial company never calls me back!” “The cleaning company doesn’t respond to my messages!” “The housekeeping team doesn’t care about us as clients!”

If you say any of these phrases about your commercial cleaning service, we need to talk!

Who is Tedesco Building Services?

For 44 years, Tedesco Building Services prides itself on delivering top notch customer service to commercial buildings in Macomb County and Oakland County, Michigan. Every business is unique and has its own set of experiences, hurts, preferences and requirements when it comes to cleaning. Upon initial consultation, we explore how we can best serve you ensuring you receive a high-value cleaning service.

Tedesco Building Services strives to keep lines of communication open with our clients. We regularly solicit feedback from our clients in addition to accepting and resolving any concerns or special requests you may have for us quickly.

We provide solid communication to our clients in a variety of ways:

1- We reach out via phone, e-mail or even text message if that is a client’s preferred method!

2- Customer service representatives will stop by for courtesy visits to simply say ‘hello’, ask for feedback, inquire about any ways we could be of help and as well as simply say ‘thank you!’ for their business.

3- Our support staff members and operations management team visit locations to perform quality inspections throughout a facility either during or after business hours. During these visits they are looking at dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, stocking of consumable products, trash removal, glass cleaning and more.

How we use this communication to help our clients:

We share information gathered with our cleaning technicians who serve our janitorial customers throughout Metro-Detroit. Armed with this information they make note of what they are doing well to be sure they continue in that path and adjust what needs to be tweaked. This helps us to better serve our customers by delivering clean, healthy and safe facilities.

What else do we want to know?

Special occasions taking place within a commercial facility can affect the cleaning that needs to be performed. Do you have an important meeting with regional VIPs coming in and things needs to be extra perfect? We want to know that so we can send extra help or a supervisor to make sure the building is clean and shining! Is your building holding an after-hours meeting that will mean we have to start cleaning later and extra trash will be generated? We want to know that too! Are you painting, replacing carpet or knocking down walls? That definitely affects the cleaning plan and we need to know!

Often there are cleaning solutions our clients have not thought of we can easily provide- but we have to know about the problem first! Open lines of communication with our janitorial customers in southeastern Michigan is important so we can prevent or take away your headaches!

Good versus better communication:

Specifics are always helpful when it comes to solving any problem and commercial cleaning is no different.

For example, when relaying information to your janitorial service:


Good: “The toilet is dirty.”

Better: “The front of the base of the toilet needs to be wiped down, a patient had an accident.”


Good: “The office needs to be vacuumed”

Better: “We emptied a paper shredder and now there are paper shreds under the desks that need to be vacuumed up tonight.”


Good: “Please do a deep clean.”

Better: “Our President is coming to visit on January 23rd, please make sure everything is top-notch. He will be here for three days. We will be utilizing the main conference room more than normal.”

The solution to your janitorial communication problems:

The solution to janitorial communication problems is hiring Tedesco Building Services to be your trusted partner for your commercial cleaning needs. We deliver hundreds of housekeeping services each week to businesses in Macomb County and Oakland County throughout Metro-Detroit, Michigan and would love to serve you as well.

Working with Tedesco Building Services gives you a dedicated customer service representative you can contact any time with questions or needs. We are prompt with email and phone responses and are grateful for the trust our clients place in us.

Contact us today at 586-997-3337 or submit a web-inquiry form. We will be thrilled to continue the conversation about your commercial cleaning needs and learn how we can be of help.