Save the Janitor’s Closets!

Mar 5, 2018 | News, Tips

There are all sorts of things seen in commercial buildings that cause me to shake my head: carpeted kitchens, extremely cluttered offices harboring colonies of dust bunnies, white ceramic tile in high traffic facilities… today it was the microscopic janitor’s closet.

While quoting cleaning services for a client’s new location I found this next to non-existent 10 square foot janitor’s closet. (see photo above)  This leads the cleaning company to ask: where do we keep our stuff?  The most common equipment needed to maintain a facility includes:

  • vacuuum
  • mop and  mop bucket
  • broom and dust pan
  • various dusters
  • toilet cleaning brushes
  • cleaning chemicals
  • garbage can-on-wheels

On top of cleaning equipment, consumable products like paper towel and toilet tissue need to storage space.

If your company is building or renovating, don’t forget about storage space in general, especially the janitor’s closet!