Ideal Janitorial Clients are Worth the Wait

Jun 13, 2019 | News

After years or pursuit, I was finally able to have a face-to-face conversation with a prospect about janitorial services for their two facilities. The facility manager shared with me that they were quite happy with their current service. My response? “Great!”

The facility manager seemed a bit taken aback that I didn’t push her further for her business. I explained that I can appreciate when a vendor is providing a quality service- I wouldn’t want to lose any of my customers whom I have built a solid relationship with just because Joe Schmo walked in and saves them a few bucks per month on their office cleaning. Our services shine best when our clients are looking to building a long-lasting partnership to provide janitorial solutions for their specific needs, not just the lowest price tag.

I shared with her that the chances are my quote wouldn’t be less expensive anyhow as we don’t compete on price alone. At that she said “you get what you pay for!” and I knew I had met our ideal client. She understood the cost for excellent quality in commercial cleaning and she was loyal to those who serve her well- exactly the type of person we want to work with. She just isn’t ready for us yet.

By: Pamela Abdelnour