Electrostatic Disinfection Vs. The Competitors

Sep 22, 2020 | Internal News, News, Tips

Microstatic disinfection spraying (AKA Electrostatic disinfection) is the most thorough and efficient way to disinfect a building. The electrostatically charged micromist particles are attracted to every surface of an object within a building, be it top, bottom or side. This allows for the most in-depth application to ensure your building is as safe from pathogens and disease causing bacteria as possible when using a spraying service.

There are a wide variety of sprayers available for purchase- everything from a garden pump sprayer up to the top of the line equipment used by Tedesco Building Services, Inc. and Delta Airlines. The big difference between the options is the electrostatic portion. Any system that doesn’t involve electrostatically charging the micro-mist particles means the mist will only settle on the surfaces as it wafts downward with gravity or the side of an object facing the spray unit.

Check out this quick video for more information.

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